The Features

     •     7,2: TinyBox 706x230 ext., 696x220- 240 high int.= 15,3 sq m

     •     7,2: BigBox 720x244 ext., 710x234 - 320 high int.= 16,6 sq m

     •     7,2: terraces, each 200x220=  8,8 sq m total

     •     7,2: enclosed surface= 31,9 sq m

     •     7,2: surface incl. terraces= 40,7 sq m

     •     7,2: volume= 90 cbm

     •     8,4: TinyBox 826x230 ext., 816x220- 240 high int.= 17,95 sq m

     •     8,4: BigBox 840x244 ext., 822x234 - 320 high int.= 19,3 sq m

     •     8,4: terraces, each 200x220=  8,8 sq m total

     •     8,4: enclosed surface= 37,25 sq m

     •     8,4: surface incl. terraces= 46 sq m

     •     8,4: volume= 104,8 cbm

The height of the extended bigTINY One is 6,23 m

Steel framed, powder coated / galvanized

Wall thickness 50 mm (sandwich panels, insulated-SIP)

3 piece sliding doors for terrace access (not glass-sorry)

Full standing height (& more) on 2 floors!

Fully equipped kitchen

Fully equipped bathroom (incl wash & dryer option)

Fixed stairs

Wood laminate floors

Standard water flush toilet

In transit cooking, dining and bathroom accessible

2 sizes: 7,2 - 8,4 meters length (w/o hitch- 1,2m)

Street legal, 3000 kg (7,2m), 2,55 wide, 3,97 m high

Double, sprung axles

"Top decker" no protrusions of wheel arches in the interior

Patent pending synchronized lifting system- motorised

Stabilisation system (for height)

Optional satin aluminium exterior finish assumes the

"couleur locale"

Full environmental package: solar, rainwater and septic option

Imperial dimensions can be found here

Lifting procedure and description:

The lifting mechanism is electrically driven from the car. The time to lift the BigBox is 5 min. 20 sec. In case of emergencies, the BigBox can be lowered manually. The electric motor is detachable to save weight.

The lifting mechanism is synchronized, to avoid locking up the BigBox against the TinyBox during motion. It is also self locking, so loss of power has no ramifications.

Once in the fully extended (up) position the BigBox and the TinyBox are mechanically secured, making a ridgid construction.

During high winds, the BigBox must be lowered to the in-transit position. Sleeping facillities are available in the kitchen area.

After the lift up is completed, the guard rails for the stairs are installed. Similarly, when the BigBox is being lowered, these have to be removed, as curtains tied away and any other item above 70 cm in height removed / lied down to avoid roof damage.

Lighting arrangements:

All lighting fixtures are of the LED type. All switching is by remote control. All lighting fixtures are be wall mounted. Power is 240V.     


The heating arrangements (if required) can be done electrically, from the power grid, battery pack, or via a propane tank.